Why Richard is Running for Ohio House District 99

Recent polls indicate that over 60% of our fellow citizens believe the Nation is on the “Wrong Track” with cuts to education. Children of this generation are not receiving the same high quality Public School education that we received growing up. Ohio’s school funding formula has been ruled Unconstitutional, repeatedly, by the Supreme Court of Ohio. Moreover, the recent ECOT scandal has drained millions of dollars from our schools: a million dollars alone from the Chardon School District; two million from Ashtabula Lakeside; and one million dollars from my own school district where I currently serve on the School Board in Geneva. A million here, a million there, and all of the sudden you are talking about real money. The ripple effects that these cuts have in our local economy are staggering.

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We must fix the way public education is funded in Ohio.

Cuts in funding have had a negative impact in the courses offered to students in their most formative years when they are trying to explore future career options. Moreover, the cost of a college degree leaves many of our graduates saddled with debt; impacting their ability to live the American Dream by owning their own home or investing in the next generation. Under these circumstances, and to keep the American Dream alive for future generations, we can no longer stay on the sidelines. My story is not unlike your own, with the vast majority of us enjoying the prospects of Liberty started with a free or low cost education.

Both myself and my Family have been blessed, and that includes having a Community who made the decision to invest in me and my future many years ago. From my own perspective, I look forward to working with the Citizens of Ashtabula and Geauga Counties to place our Nation, State, and Local Community back on Track.