Richard Dana was born and raised in Northeast Ohio.

He received the benefit of an excellent, and free, public school education before attending The Ohio State University.  At that time, tuition at our Public Universities was an absolute bargain. Working nights and weekends, Richard helped pay his own way through college, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics with University Honors. He then attended law school at Case Western Reserve University. It was twenty-five years ago, while in law school, that Richard first began representing clients in their legal clinic, earning an award for his outstanding performance and commitment to clients. That experience helped Richard obtain a Judicial Clerkship within our own 11th Appellate District serving Ashtabula, Geauga, Lake, Portage, and Trumbull Counties.

Richard’s career has taken him to Courtrooms throughout Northeast Ohio and beyond, including arguing a case in the Federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, and admission into the United States Supreme Court. Richard has also served on a number of local Boards, including as Board President of the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland that provides free or low cost high quality legal services to those without sufficient funds to retain an attorney.  In 2010, Richard started to teach part-time at a local Kent State University extension, teaching courses in law and social justice within the Departments of Sociology and Business Management. Richard’s work with Kent State has given him the opportunity to speak across the Nation and locally on a variety of topics involving the citizens of Northeast Ohio and their work in the field of social justice, and expanding our Country’s ideals to all Americans.

Notable speeches discuss topics involving the Underground Railroad, Women’s Suffrage and Civil Rights; including participation on panel discussions about these topics at the White House (February of 2016), the “official” opening of the Harriet Tubman Museum (May of 2017), and for Professional Development opportunities at Ohio History Connection (July 2018). Keeping with his connections in education, Richard has also served on his local school board, re-elected to a second term in 2017. Working with teachers, administrators, and students, Richard has first hand experience in how cuts within our public schools are having a negative impact on the education provided to our most precious resource, our children.

Why Richard is Running for Ohio House District 99

Lessons from my Father

My Father, Lawson Dana, was a pilot for the United States Air Force during the “Forgotten Intervention” that occurred in Korea and, later, as a part of Strategic Air Command during the “Cold War.” He died in 2006 at the age of 75.

Lessons from my Mother

It still stings. My Mother, Marilou (Wintermute) Dana, passed away in late February of 2017. As her maiden name would suggest, she was largely of German descent, and a complete force of Nature.

Richard and Marilou (2)